A big thank you to everyone who came out to my Git 101 talk at the Winnipeg Code Camp on the weekend.

I plan to massage these into a proper blog post but in the meantime, here are the links:

We also touched on:

  • The difference between Git (the source control tool) andGithub (an online host for git repositories and git-based collaboration)
  • Git for .NET projects (i.e. modifying the .gitignore file)
  • Git tooling integration with windows shell and/or visual studio
    • don’t; learn the git bash command line and use “gitk –all &”
  • Basic git commands & workflow
  • The power of the index
  • Using git-svn to work with a subversion repository
  • Using git-tfs to work with a TFS repository
  • Rebasing
  • The awesome power of “git bisect”

If I’ve forgotten any major themes of our discussion that you are interested in, add a comment here and I’ll include those in the final post.